Happy Birthday - EP


A loving sentiment, a nice groove & a couple of remixes with more coming soon!

Happy Birthday by Strafe

Very sweet in its sentiment, this early Strafe limited release is also a very personal statement to and from whoever exchanges it. Check the lyrics: “all the best of my love, may this be a better year”, “hope your heart will never change ‘cause we hold you so dear”- “Happy Birthday!” When’s the last time you heard that from someone you love? Imagine what it would feel like from those you didn’t know even cared?

The song’s great for small or large gatherings, club or intimate sound systems, office parties, family settings etc. Most definitely a rare, specialty item, many consider it a unique find. “Happy Birthday” by Strafe, originally released in 1990, will still be relevant and effective for many years to come.

Available now as a download, the original Vocal, Instrumental and Acappella versions are now accompanied by two new “remixes”. The Starfleet Reunion Mix & the BK Bounce Remix by DJ Louie Reach, provide enough pump to blow the icing off your cake! Forget about the candles! More remixes are in prep for mastering as you read this and will be made available periodically, so please check back.

The complete collection will be released on CD this fall ’09 from Hard Soul Recordings / The S.t.d. Music Publishing Company.

Happy Birthday! Warm a spirit. Melt a heart. Try it out on somebody!

Thank you, Always Love! www.hardsoul.com www.setitoff.net

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