The Original Set It Off & Othersongsfor the Collector


The long overdue Strafe album of early releases featuring the “club classic” SET IT OFF (Walter Gibbons’ LoveMix), OUTLAW, REACT, COMIN’ FROM ANOTHER PLACE & more. With two new tracks: WhaDoYaThink? & the OUTLAW (LuvCity “Tech Soul” Remix), plus the never before available INNA DAZE (School Daze demo); this is a package for true fans, new fans & collectors alike.

Deemed the most sampled song of all time (Billboard Magazine); "SET IT OFF", the Strafe original, club classic, mixed “with love” by the late Walter Gibbons; available exclusively from Hard Soul Recordings as a special 12” vinyl re-issue, worldwide as a digital single and on numerous dance compilations; has now officially got it’s own bag! Tightly packed as a 10 track download & a 12 track Limited Edition Cd; featuring the new "WhaDoYaThink?" single & the 12” length "Outlaw (LuvCity TECH SOUL Remix)", the album includes early Strafe releases "React", "Comin’ From Another Place", "Get Enough" and more.

A very rare inclusion, "Inna Daze (School Daze demo)", a song composed for Spike Lee’s “School Daze” (though not included in the film), featuring Strafe on vocals, tabla, keyboards, sequencing & arranging; with the late Sam Furnace on tenor sax, Owen Romeo, additional keyboards & Lee Twine on nylon string guitar; a tune shared only with a close inner circle of friends & family; is available here now, in its’ “raw state”, for the 1st time!

The Limited Edition Cd contains never before released bonus track: "What Are You Here For", a lengthy, tribal, dance romp, performed successfully throughout the NYC tri-state area at venues including; The Funhouse, The Paradise Garage, Studio 54 & others. When performed, this track would always precede the show closer. As Strafe would chant & sing “what are you here for”, the crowd would shout: “set it off”!! For a time, Strafe management stayed on the lookout for DJ’s traveling from gig to gig, trying to get a good “bootleg recording” of the tune because it was not commercially available. Well here it is now, in all its’ bootleg glory!

Also added is the rarely performed (Village Gate, Roseland Ballroom, Danceteria) "SET IT OFF II (ElectroFunk –’83 demo)", an alternate arrangement produced, recorded & mixed on 8 tracks at the Lenis Guess Studio, 8th Ave., NYC. One of the few tracks where Strafe actually “also” plays…his cornet!

Personal pieces selected & sequenced by Strafe, specifically for you. Please enjoy!

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