Don't Wanna Be Broken

Strafe & The Hard Soul Meditation

An anthemic, soulful, House music inspired dance track featuring with Strafe on vocals, artist Jrome Andre and Ms. Deborahlyn Cole.

This one’s special! An anthem for the times upon us, “Don’t Wanna Be Broken”, featuring on vocals with Strafe, Ms. Deborahlyn Cole & Jrome Andre; is a soulful, House music inspired dance declaration. Reminiscent of classic 70’s ensembles such as: Friends of Distinction, Creative Source & Undisputed Truth, to name a few, the groove and ideal is compelling, as the vocalists interact with a passion true to the urgency of the title.

“As a composer, I wanted to speak to the moment, in the voice of the people, with an empowering message. As a producer, I wanted it to have a “club feel” yet appeal to folks who don’t attend clubs but like the music. The contrasting voices, unified in sections, then distinct in their individual statements & personalities, taking the opportunity to be heard, then united in a singular agenda; this is what I believe a powerful community union is about. The ‘chattering’ snare instead of a stricter 2 & 4 pivot, is specific to represent the clutter and distraction of everyday life that often interferes with ones’ focus and commitment to mission.“ – Strafe

Keeping an eye on the prize is not an easy thing to do!

In off shoot arrangements, the 'Mo’ Feck' Remixes eliminate the snare distraction and highlight the support vocal elements, reinforcing the theme. “I see them as escorts to the main version of the song. Collectively, complementary, all the key elements are revealed for further remix interests.”-strafe

Composed, arranged & produced; recorded, edited & mixed by Strafe at his Brooklyn, N.Y. based recording studio, this track represents the 1st in a succession of offerings soon to be available from the Hard Soul Recordings label in 2016. Please give a listen. Then get yours. We appreciate the support!

Also, please revisit us for upcoming releases featuring Kathy Waters & Wallace Roney.

Never easy. Always love. This is definitely a Hard Soul meditation!

HS001S-16 / ©&℗ 2015 S.W. Standard / S.T.D. Music Pub. Co. (ascap) / Hard Soul Recordings

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