Set It Off "The Remixes, Vol.2


New Remixes for reaching a new plateau. A classic 25 years since 1984!

SET IT OFF “The Remixes Vol. 2”

The followup to Strafe’s “Set It Off – The Remixes Vol. 1”, Vol. 2 expands the dance floor offerings to include the “So-Lifted Mixtoo” by DJ Kevin Kevin & Omar Alejo. A continuation of the “big room/international” vision of the first So-Lifted remix, this one thumps hard and blends easily, to elevate any club set, big or small.

Reggaeton Soul by DJ Louie Reach incorporates elements from Jon Evans’ “Reggaeton Steel” (SIO Remixes Vol.1) in a more conventional “Latin” styling which fuses his “B-Boy funk” leanings with the “soul” at the root of this dance genre.

The LuvCity Remix by Kenny Yamanaka is a trance-like “techy-house” trip, perfect for “baby powder-lofties” and others whose flow is like water in a “dance stream of unconsciousness”.

Available now as downloads only, the complete collection will include tracks arranged, produced & remixed by Strafe himself and be made available on CD & Limited Edition vinyl from Hard Soul Recordings / The S.T.D. Music Publishing Co.

Please check back for more downloads & further info.

Thank you, Always Love!

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